Media Training for Companies

Media Training

It’s our job to help clients gain strategic and meaningful media opportunities, but you never go in front of the camera alone. With you is a team of expert media spokespeople who know exactly how to make you feel the most comfortable in the spotlight or in front of a crowd.

Our media training PR firm in Los Angeles, NYC, and Miami offers the proper instruction and preparation to help brands and individuals deliver compelling messages with power and clarity, while avoiding common media traps. We take an in-depth approach to mastering a speaking opportunity or public interview with prep sessions, personalized feedback, best practices for how to talk to the media, and more that aligns with and amplifies your brand story. Whether we get you to the door confidently or are right by your side with you as the camera rolls, you’ll feel ready for anything thrown your way.

We Develop Media & Communication Skills

While media training should be part of your company’s overall public relations efforts, there are often situations that require focused training for leaders or executives. The goal of our media training is to develop the full potential of these individuals as corporate advocates no matter what screen they’re in front of. From print, digital, radio, or video, our media training PR firm in Los Angeles, NYC, and Miami will help you develop skills to successfully deal with members of the media. We’ll make sure you apply the core messaging and values of your brand in all communications, while developing the confidence you need to handle any conversation.

Here are just a few of the ways our media training PR firm can help you:

  • What to expect in a media interview
  • The rights of an interviewee
  • Participating in offensive and defensive interviews
  • Overcoming physical and verbal roadblocks
  • Controlling the interview and message
  • Navigating tricky or targeted questions
  • Speaking in easy-to-understand sound bites
  • Things to avoid in an interview

Whether you’ve hired a new spokesperson, recently developed new branding, or just want to improve your interview abilities, SMITHHOUSE’s team of media training experts can offer comprehensive, customized media and communication skills instruction designed for your specific goals.

Both our media training and social media training are designed to help you recognize the impact of public opinion and understand how today’s media operates. Throughout the process, you’ll learn how to identify advantages in working with the press and maintain positive, on-going relationships with journalists to guide you moving forward.  


Social Media Training & Best Practices

Today, your digital reputation is one of the most important and vulnerable aspects of your brand. SMITHHOUSE specializes in social media training designed to equip your leadership and your employees with all the best practices to manage their online activity in a way that positively and professionally represents your company. This instruction will teach you skills for building your reputation online, managing a social media strategy and editorial calendar, responding to negative comments or feedback, and preparing for the unexpected at a moment’s notice.

Our social media training is designed to determine your market position and differentiators, update your platforms with proper messaging, and monitor all on-going activity. We’ll create a customized plan to ensure your message is always clear and consistent — no matter where it’s heard. 

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