Who We Are

At SMITHHOUSE, our size is intentional. Because it’s our relationships that elevate our impact. We’re a boutique firm with big ideas and tremendous experience. Our team of established communicators have developed the skills and connections to amplify your brand like the big agencies probably could, but we give you the transparency and attention that they can’t — or just won’t.

Cultivating a mix of distinct executive backgrounds, our team is uniquely optimized to understand our client’s needs and navigate their world. From our offices in LA, NYC, and Miami, we’ve worked with clients across the entertainment, lifestyle, nonprofit and events industries, in addition to vast experience in consumer, business, awards and trade relations. Whether you’re an international brand or a small business looking to grow, you never get anything less than our best.

Our specialty is leveraging the partnerships we’ve made over the years to identify new opportunities, drive strategic planning, and empower impactful results. For us, impactful storytelling isn’t limited to a time or event. Our approach to breaking through the noise is crafting a narrative that never goes out of style. It’s one based on a bespoke strategy that connects your brand to the media and your customers in more meaningful ways. And it gives you the tools and understanding to keep building on it for years to come.

We’ve mastered the art of crafting narratives that are both timely and timeless because skillful storytelling is what we do. Now, it’s time for everyone to hear yours.